ZIZ055 Ontological Incompleteness in Painting, Literature and Quantum Theory (2012)

Slavoj Žižek talking about ontological incompleteness in modernist painting, literature and quantum theory. In this lecture Slavoj Žižek discusses void and multiplicity, pre-ontological reality, spectral materiality, theology, detective novels and political revolution in relationship to Jacques-Louis David, Giorgio Agamben, Alain Badiou, Jacques Lacan, Friedrich Wilhelm Joseph Schelling, Quentin Meillassoux, Walter Benjamin, Franz Kafka, William Shakespeare, Agatha Christie, David Bohm, Vincent Van Gogh, Karen Barad, Peirre Bayard and Edvard Munch focusing on The Death of Marat, Jacobins, Robespierre, Lenin, science fiction, love, desire, not-all, Columbo, temporal paradox, retroactivity, wave particle duality and Heisenberg’s principle of uncertainty. Public open lecture for the students and faculty of the European Graduate School EGS Media and Communication Studies department program Saas-Fee Switzerland Europe