ZIZ122 Against Recognition: A Critique of the Liberal Reading of Hegel (02.12.2015)

Hegelian Battles – Lec­ture 1: Against Recog­ni­tion: A Cri­tique of the Lib­eral Read­ing of Hegel (Pip­pin, Bran­dom)
The battle for Hegel goes on – new inter­pret­a­tions are emer­ging which per­haps pose an even greater threat to Hegel’s leg­acy than the usual rejec­tions of Hegel. This series of lec­tures will provide a cog­nit­ive map­ping of this twis­ted ter­rain, with the aim to redeem Hegel for the rad­ical thought
Birkback, University of London