ZIZ135 Lacan’s Hypothesis: Psychoanalysis as the Ex-Timate Core of Philosophy (31.10.2016)

Part 1 of the Masterclass: Between Philosophy and Psychoanalysis
Although psychoanalysis is not philosophy, its subversive dimension is grounded in the fact that it is not simply a particular science or practice but has radical consequences for philosophy: psychoanalysis is a “no” to philosophy that is internal to it, i.e., psychoanalytic theory refers to a gap/antagonism which philosophy blurs but which simultaneously grounds philosophy (Heidegger called this gap ontological difference). Without this link to philosophy – more precisely, to the blind spot of philosophy, to what is “primordially repressed” in philosophy – psychoanalysis loses its subversive dimension and becomes just another ontic practice.
Birkbeck, University of London