ZIZ047 Being and Subjectivity: Act and Evental Enthusiasm (2012)

Slavoj Žižek in a friendly debate with students on ontology and politics in relation to Alain Badiou’s philosophy. In this lecture Slavoj Žižek discusses the status of the subject, transcendental phenomenal existence, the difference between act and Event, the necessity of terror, Christianity, Saint Paul, inconsistency of the big Other, the communist hypothesis and political nomination in relationship to Jacques Lacan, Alain Badiou, Alenka Zupančič, Mladen Dolar, Sigmund Freud, Gilles Deleuze, Immanuel Kant, Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel, Jacques Alain Miller, Bruno Bosteels, Ernesto Laclau, Michel Foucault, Jacques Derrida and Judith Butler focusing on truth, void, multiplicity, immanent Two, phallus, inexistence, the barred One, object a, le point, Hegelian essence, anxiety, political enthusiasm, master signifier, love and fidelity. Public open lecture for the students and faculty of the European Graduate School EGS Media and Communication Studies department program Saas-Fee Switzerland Europe